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Production of the aligners

Production of the aligners

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Production of aligners according to your order. We accept stl files for printing on a 3d printer. Then the models are crimped and the aligners are cut out.

Production within 24-48 hours. Next, sending by post.


CA® Pro

Three-layer aligner material with flexible elastomer core in a hard-elastic double shell which is able to maintain a constant force level at a minimal loss of power. The flexible elastomer layer ensures high elasticity and break resistance, while reducing initial force and increasing patient comfort.


Zendura FLX

Bay Material’s many years of experience with developing, manufacturing and marketing thermoplastic materials for orthodontic applications have taught our development team some important lessons. The ideal clear aligner would:

1) Provide firm but gentle teeth movement force continually over 7-14 day wear period, as prescribed.
2) Be comfortable to wear, as well as easy to insert and remove.
3) Appear transparent and remain transparent throughout the full course of use.


Delivery in Ireland is carried out the next day after dispatch. Provided that the order was sent before 16:00. Please note that additional time is required for the production of the order.


We are grateful to you for using our service.

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What is it?

Aligners are a good tool in the hands of a dentist that can help align teeth. Or prepare the dentition for future veneers, crowns, implants or composite restorations.

  • Attention to detail

    Our specialists pay high attention to the details of manufactured products.

  • Quality of materials

    Materials of leading brands are used for the manufacture of devices. Scheu-Group(Germany) and Zenduradental(US) produce materials with the best characteristics.