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Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard

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 For production, it is required to send impressions:  

1. Upper jaw (required)  

2. Lower jaw and Bite register (by request)  

For more comfortable use of the Sports Mouth Guard, it is recommended to register the lower jaw position.


We accept STL files and impressions made of silicone C and silicone A, alginate.

Standard lead-time for Sports Mouth Guard is 48 hours from recipient of impressions in our lab.


Delivery in Ireland is carried out the next day after dispatch. Provided that the order was sent before 16:00. Please note that additional time is required for the production of the order.


We are grateful to you for using our service.

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For any challenge

Four sports mouth guard types


  • proven, two-layer sports mouth guard
  • for all recreational sports
  • double-layer laminate construction for the best protection and comfort
  • 10 colour variations are available


  • reinforced version of color MASTER sport mouth guard
  • with integrated supplemental hardelastic insert around the front teeth area
  • for all recreational sports
  • three-layer laminate construction for the best protection and comfort
  • 10 colour variations are available


  • with integrated reinforcement section in the front teeth area
  • suited for contact sports, as it protects against hard and concentrated hits
  • double-layer laminate construction for the best protection and comfort


  • with integrated reinforcement area and supplemental hardelastic insert around the front teeth area
  • three-layer material structure for maximum protection and comfort
  • for professional contact sports with expected concentrated, hard hits (impact is distributed across a greater area)

What is it?

BIOPLAST® is a high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) distinguished by its first-class impact absorption and outstanding elasticity despite its extremely light weight. 

BIOPLAST® sports mouth guards for active sports are custom-made just for you by dental technicians, who work together with your dentist. This guarantees that your personal mouth guard will suit your particular needs for all types of sports.

  • Attention to detail

    Our specialists pay high attention to the details of manufactured products.

  • Quality of materials

    Materials of leading brands are used for the manufacture of devices. Scheu-Group(Germany) and Zenduradental(US) produce materials with the best characteristics.