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3d model design for bleaching

3d model design for bleaching

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3d model with a place for gel.

You send an STL scan of the model and we will return the STL model to you within 24 hours for printing on a 3d printer.

Standard lead-time for 3d model design for bleaching is 24 hours from recipient of impressions in our lab.


You will receive your stl order back within 1 days or sooner.


We are grateful to you for using our service.

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What is it?

Aligners are a good tool in the hands of a dentist that can help align teeth. Or prepare the dentition for future veneers, crowns, implants or composite restorations.

  • Attention to detail

    Our specialists pay high attention to the details of manufactured products.

  • Quality of materials

    Materials of leading brands are used for the manufacture of devices. Scheu-Group(Germany) and Zenduradental(US) produce materials with the best characteristics.