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Aligners Design

Aligners Design

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You will receive your aligner order back within 3 days or sooner.

Care Instructions

We answer any questions related to the production of aligners.

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Are you tired of the incredible prices for aligners?

Do you want to print jaw models in your clinic and not keep a highly paid employee in the clinic to plan orthodontic aligners?

A great option is to order a design for moving teeth from a qualified orthodontist. You will get a well-thought-out plan for moving the teeth and you will calmly wait for the patient. The movement of the teeth is done based on clinical experience.

Before filling out the form, prepare:

- Upload us STL files of jaws from your intraoral scanner or a two-stage impression of A silicone.

- A photo of a face with a smile and a photo of a face with a retractor.

- Fill out the questionnaire and specify individual wishes and features.

Within 7 days you will receive back:

- A aligner report

- Collision IPR data

- A video mockup showing the proposed movements

- A set of ready to print aligner STL Models

It is the responsibility of the clinician to approve:

- The proposed movements.

- The proposed IPR.

- The production of the aligners using the STL Models either in house or via a production lab.

To use this service, you are agreeing that you:

Take full responsibility as a qualified Dental Clinician in the prescription, production and use of orthodontic clear aligners.

What is it?

Aligners are a good tool in the hands of a dentist that can help align teeth. Or prepare the dentition for future veneers, crowns, implants or composite restorations.

  • Fast sending

    All orders are shipped to the customer within 72 hours.

  • Hassle-Free Refinement

    2 revisions for 1 case - FREE of charge

Let's talk

Orthodontics and orthodontic case planning is a complex science that is best trusted by professionals. In my practice, I work with complex cases and apply various solutions to problems. Treatment with aligners, vestibular braces, lingual braces, the use of orthodontic screws, elastics is a small part that can be used in a clinical case.